School Age Programs

Student Support Programs

In today’s global economy, high-quality education is no longer just a path to individual opportunity, but also the way to community safety, economic prosperity, and social well-being. Thus, we have a stake in helping all students develop into responsible, educated, productive, and caring adults.

New Bedford Public Schools. Believing that all students can learn and thrive in the right conditions, NorthStar has worked closely with the New Bedford Public Schools for many years in planning and providing additional academic, social-emotional, and civic learning opportunities during the school day and after school for struggling students. As a community partner, we have been able to leverage additional resources to provide more time, attention, and individualized support to students. In some schools, we have been able to establish and sustain small, cohesive learning communities that help low-performing, often disengaged students feel they belong and where safety, peer helping relationships, and valuation of education become the norm. On a broader level, we work with district and school leadership to create welcoming and responsive school environments that promote learning, equity, and achievement for all students.

Parenting Support Program (PSP):

Our Parent Support Program for families referred by the Department of Children and Families provides a wide range of services. We help parents meet the basic needs of home management, food, and clothing to in-home therapeutic services, to enable them to achieve their service plan goals. Parent support staff teach parents basic skills such as maintaining a clean, safe, healthy, orderly home environment, budgeting, using public transportation, and accessing the services and community supports they need. Staff also educate parents on child development, parenting skills, and parental responsibilities for their child’s regular school attendance and education. With a focus on the family’s long-term future, parents are encouraged and supported in securing help from friends, relatives and other unpaid, informal resources that will remain with the family when DCF intervention and allied support services end. By accessing these informal supports, families become less socially isolated, more engaged in community life, and more prepared to help others.

Bridge Partnership Program

A partnership between NorthStar, Bridgewater State University and the New Bedford Public Schools to provide ongoing academic services and supports to the highest risk students at New Bedford High School enrolled in the Bridge Partnership Program. The Academic Case Manager focuses on the improvement of grades, increased attendance, development of positive behaviors and successful matriculation into the next grade. Additionally, the academic case manager will develop relationships with Roosevelt Middle School students enrolled in the Bridge Program by assisting in the facilitation of the summer programming held on the campus of Bridgewater State University. The intention of the summer program is to bridge the gap and create a connection to a supportive adult at the high school when they transition into 9th grade.

Clinical Services

A collaboration between NorthStar and the New Bedford Public School, our clinician is able to provide groups in a classroom setting offering an elective 1 credit-bearing Leadership Academy course focused on social-emotional and the importance of service learning. The course instructor is trauma trained and experienced to assist struggling, trauma-exposed students in coping with overwhelming, immobilizing emotions and help them construct new meaning of their trauma history, heal, and learn and develop in healthy ways.

This class is being offered at the Parenting Teen Program, Whaling City Alternative and New Bedford High School. The courses are offered in three progressively wider fields to assist with lifelong learning and discovery:

  1. The first focus is self-development, students will be provided tools to meet life’s challenges and teach goal setting to help them reach their full potential;
  2. The second focus is enhancing awareness of student’s attitudes and fears related to their educational successes;
  3. The final focus is community, which will incorporate a project of the students design and implementation that has a true impact on the community helping to make the connection to each students actions and the impact of those actions.

Boston Public Schools. In 2012, NorthStar won the opportunity to give additional support to struggling students in two Boston public high schools. Highly trained in working with students in need of additional social, emotional, and behavioral support, NorthStar staff have built a personal connection with each student they worked with and, in conjunction with school staff, developed individualized assistance and intervention strategies that met them where they were at. We work closely with partner school staff, including teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators to align and integrate our work into the school.

A partnership between NorthStar Learning Centers and Boston Public Schools Educational Options:

St. Mary’s Expectant Mothers Program

Provides case management and wraparound support to meet the educational and health needs of expectant and parenting students, with the aim of preventing further pregnancies and ensuring they remain in school, earn a high school diploma, and become productive adults and responsible caregivers for their children. These services include providing information to enable them to make responsible decisions regarding the health and development of their children.

Log-on Alternative

Provides alternative educational opportunities for at-risk students who are struggling in their mainstream school settings. The program offers non-traditional hours that provide flexibility for the students. Students spend part of their time receiving direct instruction and the remaining time participating in the online learning program called APEX.