School Age Programs

Afterschool and Summer Learning Opportunities

Through school-community partnerships, we create afterschool opportunities for children and youth to achieve academically, socially, emotionally, vocationally, civically, and physically.

Benefits of afterschool programs

With more parents working – and working longer hours – many young people regularly spend out-of-school time without supervision. With nothing positive to do and nowhere to go, they run the risk of engaging in destructive and unsafe behaviors, or doing other things that negatively impact their development and their futures.

Afterschool activities can change a child's life for the better. Afterschool learning programs are linked to:

  • Higher grades and standardized test scores
  • Increased motivation to do well in school
  • Better school attendance
  • More self-confidence
  • Better decision-making skills
  • Better relationships with parents
  • Better social skills, including increased ability to make friends
  • Greater sense of belonging in school and the community
  • Greater desire to help others
Schooner Program Schooner Program


Keeping children ages 5-12 safe and supervised after school and during school vacations, SCHOONER provides homework help, academic enrichment, computer learning, outdoor physical activities, arts programs, community service and more.

Tying on Success (TOS) Program

For the Roosevelt Middle School boys in TOS, wearing a necktie is a rite of passage into responsible manhood and an example of the ways in which they can express their identity. Focusing on improving participants’ self-esteem, social skills, and grades, this mentoring program helps struggling, violence-prone boys become part of the solution to the concentrated violence in their lives. Funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Youth Violence Prevention Through Positive Youth Development program.

Leading Senoritas

Offered at Roosevelt Middle School, Leading Senoritas teaches young at-risk ladies skills to know and appreciate who they are, connect with and achieve in school, recognize and forge healthy relationships, and become leaders in school and community change. Exploring what it means to be a woman and options on how to show up in the world, Leading Senoritas helps all participants to reach their true potential despite any negative influences they may have had in the past. Funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Youth Violence Prevention Through Positive Youth Development program, partially funded by the 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) Grant Program.

Group picture of Leading Senoritas and Tying on Success participants

Leading Senoritas having fun at the Sky Zone

English Language Learning (ELL) Summer Academic Support Program

Creating a safe place where English Language Learners participating in the New Bedford High School summer program have the opportunity to explore their personal interests, goals, and abilities; while the wraparound case manager simultaneously addresses the social emotional barriers that the students enrolled in the program are facing. During the program, students will have the opportunity to complete a variety of college tours as one step toward increasing college access and success

ELL students visiting University of Massachusetts and Bristol Community College

English Language Learning (ELL) Afterschool Student/Parent Outreach Program

Offered at New Bedford High School, ELL students and their parents or guardians will receive wraparound case management services through this afterschool program. Students will have the information, supports, and services necessary to help them thrive in school, at home, and in the community. Due to the close association of parental involvement with student academic achievement, informing their parents about school values and expectation while supporting parental empowerment to help them become advocates for their children.

Boys to Men Mentoring Program

A collaboration between NorthStar and Randolph Public Schools that helps boost the academic achievement of the low-performing group of elementary students enrolled in Randolph Public Schools. Mentors are recruited from Randolph High School, of who are eager to improve the life chances of at-risk boys. NorthStar provides training, ongoing support and evaluation. The school-based mentoring program targets low-performing male students in the elementary schools through a group mentoring model, which will help build upon both positive youth-adult and peer-peer relationships.

Academic support provided by the high school Mentors

Director of Youth Services facilitating a life skills workshop

Boys to Men End-of-year Celebration

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